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Confined spaces
A confined space is defined as a fully or partially enclosed space that is not designed and not built for continuous human occupancy, and which may contain a hazardous atmosphere because of its construction, location, contents, or because of work that is done in it. Entry to, and exit from a confined space may be difficult or restricted. A confined space may be part of a structure, or it may be mobile or portable.

Understanding the risks is essential for any job. When working in a confined space the consequences of unsafe practices can result in serious injuries or death.
Focused on the basics of working in confined spaces this course enables workers to identify, reduce and manage potential risks and as well as enhance emergency response procedures.
Number of Employee Price for each employee
1 to 10 $ 45.95
11 to 20 $ 42.95
21 to 50 $ 40.95
50 to 100 $ 35.95
101 to 200 $ 30.95
201 to 500 $ 25.95
500+ $ 20.95