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Personal protective equipment
Wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and knowing how to use it properly is essential to the safety of our workers and injury prevention in the workplace.

Focusing on the different types of personal protective equipment, this course enables employees and managers to see a demonstration of how the various equipment functions, learn why they are so necessary and provides basic training on the use and maintenance of PPE devices.

Please note this is a course on the general use and handling of PPE devices. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and training on the proper use and care of specific PPE devices.
Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 10$ 35.95
11 to 20$ 32.95
21 to 50$ 30.95
50 to 100$ 25.95
101 to 200$ 20.95
201 to 500$ 15.95
500+$ 10.95