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Supervisor's Health & Safety Awareness
The supervisor plays a vital role in managing Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace and ensuring that the workers are adequately protected. The Ministry of Labor has made it mandatory for supervisors to have the necessary health and safety awareness training. In order to achieve this goal, the Ministry has introduced a 5 step guide to ensuring that supervisors receive the necessary training in regards to health and safety within the workplace.

This training is designed to aid supervisors in understanding expectations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It will further allow supervisors to understand their legal responsibilities in order to successfully implement and execute the various safety standards necessary to their respective workplace.

The training will provide supervisors with a 5 step model outlining their rights and responsibilities within the workplace. Some of the topics discussed in this training are the supervisor's role within the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) and the R.A.C.E model which is key to the process of managing hazards within a workplace
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1 to 100$ 12.00