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Envirovision Inc. provides a comprehensive program of environmental quality sampling in Toronto, GTA and Ontario. Our services include the following:
  • Air sampling - various chemicals/substances
  • Water sampling - sanitary and storm sewer sampling, and surface and underground water sampling and monitoring, drinking water, waste water.
  • Soil sampling - confirmatory and composite sampling.
  • Waste sampling - waste characterization and classification.
  • Mould Sampling - airborne mould sampling and mould in building materials.

Since most people spend majority of their lives indoors, the quality of the breathing air is one of the biggest environmental concerns in Toronto, GTA and Ontario. Envirovision team provides various indoor air sampling programs to assess potential indoor contaminants that cause a variety of health problems.

Signs You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality

In the last twenty years there has been a dramatic increase in the incidence of health complaints from individuals, which appear to be related to their homes or buildings in which they work.  Irritants, odour, and other easily noticeable signs are not always present when indoor air is contaminated. You may not be aware that the air you are breathing is of poor quality until you notice that it is affecting your health or the health of others around you. Health issues due to poor indoor air quality can include:
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems, including asthma
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Sinus infections and/or irritations Itching, burning, red eyes
  • Skin irritations
Because many or all of these symptoms disappear when the individual leaves the building, the symptoms are seen as building related, hence the term "Sick Building Syndrome". "Sick Building Syndrome" is defined as a persistent set of symptoms occurring in greater than 20% of a building's occupants, with no readily recognizable cause.  The terms "Sick Building Syndrome" or "Tight Building Syndrome" have been used to describe situations in which a large number of building occupants experience health effects or discomfort for which no specific cause can be identified.  If anyone in your home or business is already prone to suffering from allergies, asthma, or any other health conditions, it is especially important for you to monitor the quality of the air, as symptoms can worsen. 

Envirovision performs Indoor Air Quality Assessment to identify issues related to "Sick Building Syndrome"; contaminants to be addressed in such cases are: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity.

Mould Sampling

Moulds are part of the Fungi family and live in soil, on plants and on dead or decaying matter; they lack chlorophyll and survive by digesting organic materials.  Moulds produce microscopic spores, which can be found in both indoor and outdoor air.  When mould spores land on a damp surface, they may start growing, providing the right environment is present.  Since numerous construction materials commonly used in buildings are of organic nature, it is the moisture control that is critical in preventing mould growth.  Common sites for indoor mould growth include bathroom tile, basement walls, leaky roofs and improperly insulated air conditioning ducts in humid areas. Prompt remediation of contaminated material and infrastructure repair is the primary response to fungal contamination in buildings.  Emphasis should be placed on preventing contamination through proper building and HVAC system maintenance, and prompt repair of water damage.

The most vulnerable to mould-related issues are aged homes in Toronto, GTA and Ontario, dwellings that have not been renovated or renovations have been completed without proper methodology to avoid mould becoming airborne (i.e. containment structures, damp-wiping exposed building materials, air exchange with HEPA Air Filtration Device).  Envirovision performs Mould Assessments, including air sampling and building materials in Toronto, GTA and Ontario to provide clients with conclusions and recommendations for remediation activities within the affected buildings in accordance with acceptable guidelines.

Water Sampling (Sewer, Drinking, Waste Water)

Sewer sampling is an integral part of due diligence of any facility Health & Safety Coordinator/Manager. The purpose of this sampling is to assist facilities in complying with their local sewer By-Laws. Envirovision performs sewer sampling according to specific methodology, legislation requirements and facility's specifics (processes, size, chemicals used, etc.). The samples are placed directly into laboratory-supplied containers and marked with unique field identification numbers.  The water samples collected are submitted only to accredited analytical laboratories for analysis. The results are then compared with the limits of Region and/or City/Town Sewer by-laws that are applicable to each facility.

In addition, drinking water samples and waste water samples are part of facility's management duties to assess potential contamination that can affect the workers' health and/or the environment. 

Envirovision performed over 1000 similar projects in Toronto, GTA and Ontario, assisting clients to meet the required limits of various By-Laws and/or regulations.


As part of Phase II ESA investigation, a remediation process or UST removal, Envirovision developed standard operating procedures ("SOPs") for soil and groundwater samples collection to ensure compliance with Part XV.1 of the Environmental Protection Act ("Act"), O. Reg. 153/04, Guide for Completing Phase Two Environmental Site Assessments under Ontario Regulation 153/04 and Guidance for Sampling and Analytical Methods for Use at Contaminated Sites in Ontario.  Envirovision uses appropriate soil and groundwater sampling equipment and media at the sites to be investigated in Toronto, GTA and Ontario with respect to the SOPs developed.  We only use approved sampling media and equipment, as well as ensuring there is no cross-contamination between samples collection events (i.e. cleaning tools between each sample, using and changing disposable gloves). Sampling parameters are then selected based on visual and olfactory observations, as well as on-site testing with specific instruments for detecting soil organic gases/vapours.

Envirovision adheres to all appropriate regulations and protocols for sample handling, shipping, maintaining chain of custody, field and laboratory quality assurance/ quality control (QA/QC) and chemical testing work. Envirovision Inc. has the most experienced professional that have dealt with the most sensitive cases of soil sampling in Toronto, GTA and Ontario.

All the samples collected are submitted with completed chain of custody form(s) only to laboratories accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. ("CALA") which provide the off-site laboratory analyses in compliance with the Protocol for Analytical Methods used in the Assessment of Properties under Part XV.1 of the Act, MOE, March 8, 2004.

When it comes to Environmental quality sampling in Toronto, GTA and Ontario, Envirovision Inc. is the company for you. No matter what the task is we will get it done in a timely and skillful manner. We take pride in our work and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the professionalism and commitment of our specialists. Envirovision performed more than 1,500 environmental quality sampling projects in Toronto, GTA and Ontario