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Spill Remediation
Envirovision Inc. performs Environmental Remediation of Contaminated Sites or Phase IV Environmental Site Assessments (Phase IV ESA) to remediate and restore sites that have been contaminated. We offer clean-up management and/or investigation, storage tank removal supervision, monitoring, remediation and restoration of the contaminated site so that it becomes suitable for further use. We develop the most cost-effective and technically sound solutions for environmental spill remediation in Toronto, GTA and Ontario. Remediation activities take place only after we have presented and discussed the different site clean-up options with the client, and client approval for a remediation program has been granted.
Site contamination may be related to past or current industrial activities on or adjacent to a site, and may include spills associated with the use of above ground and underground storage tanks containing petroleum products. The goal of Envirovision's environmental spill remediation in Toronto, GTA and Ontario and its surrounding areas is to meet the clean-up criteria for the various contaminants as listed in the Soil, Ground Water and Sediment Standards for Use Under Part XV.1 of the Environmental Protection Act, Ministry of the Environment ("MOE"), April 15, 2011 (the "Standards Document") or to provide alternative approaches where appropriate (e.g., generic or site-specific risk assessment). A final detailed soil and/or water sampling confirms that the environmental spill remediation has been completed successfully and that all contaminants have been removed from the site.

We are experienced in providing clients with bioremediation solutions including in-situ (the process of using bio-stimulation of the natural population of microorganisms in the existing soils) to restore contaminated sites. The primary benefit of using in-situ bioremediation is that the subsurface soils remain undisturbed.

Our environmental remediation reports detail the initial site conditions, contaminants of concern, remediation activities and post-remediation site conditions. The report also demonstrates that remediation activities were conducted in accordance with applicable provincial and federal environmental legislation and guidelines. Envirovision conducted over 300 similar projects in Toronto, GTA and Ontario providing clients with sound and cost-effective environmental spill remediation.